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We’ve spent the better part of two decades helping companies figure out the requirements that matter for engineering, product, and design leaders. We know the market and have the access our clients need to hire the right person, at the right stage, for the impact they need.
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Recruiting is what we do. We just do it differently. Decades of recruiting experience meets our world-class data science and a machine learning platform, so each search is smarter, transparent, and complete.
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We’ve made placements in nearly every tech center in the US (and then some). With offices throughout the country, we know the people and how to create a high level of candidate interest and engagement at the local level.
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The Company We Keep

We partner with the unicorns and disruptors who shape technology.
We’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the most valuable companies in tech at important inflection points. Emerging companies partner with us at critical points of their evolution. Large companies partner with us to land talent that can drive digital transformation and bring start-up DNA into their organizations.
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Built on Proprietary Tech

We’ve distilled decades of recruiter experience, thousands of successful placements, and millions of datapoints from countless interactions in our proprietary platform. Our technology fundamentally changes the traditional recruiting process and creates value.
Our Own Tech

Our Own Tech

Our platform gives our recruiting team better tools. They have access to massive amounts of information, histories, and recommended profiles to objectively match candidates to the specific job.
Beyond Data

Beyond Data

Our learning algorithms provide signals about a candidate’s predicted fit and quality, willingness to engage, and likelihood to make a move. Our team is able to focus on the right people in the hiring funnel, with confidence, instead of relying on an employment database.
Analytics & True Transparency

Analytics & True Transparency

We provide visibility beyond standard search analytics, in real-time. You see the sourcing we’re doing and an audit trail of responses and candidate feedback. You can directly enter notes and reactions, and proactively adjust targeting and messaging. The platform lets you know how a search is going so you can be confident that you made the right hire because you know how you got there.
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Our People Are:

  • Iain Grant, Partner

    Relentless. Focused. Specialists.

    "As a team, we strive to deliver the best service and experience to help people and companies reach their fullest potential."
    Iain Grant, Partner
  • George Kaszacs

    Relentless. Focused. Specialists.

    "It’s great to match the best technology leaders with people and ventures that are changing the world."
    George Kaszacs, Partner
  • Eric Larson

    Relentless. Focused. Specialists.

    "We are an executive search team that finds senior-level talent and builds effective teams for great companies. I love working with founders, board members and investors to build world-class organizations for our clients."
    Eric Larson, Partner
  • Dirk Cleveland, Partner

    Relentless. Focused. Specialists.

    "We are a collection of entrepreneurial thinkers who bring a blue-collar approach to search."
    Dirk Cleveland, Partner
  • Sandy Ma

    Relentless. Focused. Specialists.

    "I love working shoulder-to-shoulder with hiring managers, founders, board members, and investors as we continue to demonstrate a consistent record for building teams that ensure the achievement of our client’s critical milestones."
    Sandy Ma, Partner
  • Will Potter, Partner

    Relentless. Focused. Specialists.

    "Others have said it, but I believe it’s true––The only way to generate a competitive advantage and long-term profitability is to attract, develop and retain talented employees."
    Will Potter, Partner
  • Glenn Murphey, Partner

    Relentless. Focused. Specialists.

    "I’m fortunate to have surrounded myself with the right people to be able to connect handpicked executive talent to a great portfolio of important NYC businesses."
    Glenn Murphy, Partner
  • Jason Hann, Partner

    Relentless. Focused. Specialists.

    "It is my philosophy that the key to any well-run organization is identifying the right combination of qualified, motivated, and talented individuals and giving them the tools, support, and inspiration they need to achieve a common goal."
    Jason Hann, Partner
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What We Do

Why focus on Engineering, Product and Design? Our concentration allows us to have unparalleled access to the candidates and a history with many of them. We are able to better understand your challenges and help you find the right answer for your search.
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Reputation is Everything

We’ve worked with the industry’s unicorns, the most influential VCs and entrepreneurs and the grittiest startups. We know innovation when we see it, and we know the type of technology leadership to capitalize on it. But don’t take our word for it.
Andy Rachleff

Andy Rachleff

Founder Wealthfront
"Riviera helped us simplify the engineering organization and has significantly improved the quality of our engineering managers. By improving the quality of our managers we have reduced our churn rate so we can retain quality people much better. We recruited better."
Jason Warner

Jason Warner

SVP Technology GitHub
"As one of the largest applications in the world we handle as many requests a day as Netflix; even more on peak days. We are not trying to find people out of school or from a boot camp. We need candidates who have built very large systems at Google, Apple and the like."
Marten Mickos

Marten Mickos

CEO HackerOne
"Riviera has a directness and genuineness that appeals to candidates and appeals to us. The partners are easy to deal with. No sugar coating. they don’t try to look fancy; just try to deliver results. There is never any question about where their mind is and what they are doing."
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Empathy. Grit. Pride.Transparency.

Our values inform everything we do. 
They shape our commitment to clients, dedication to delivering results, and the daily execution of our work.
Empathy. Grit. Pride.Transparency.
Empathy. Grit. Pride.Transparency.
Empathy. Grit. Pride.Transparency.
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